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About Us | ALCME, Inc.

About Us

ALCME, Inc. is a family owned and operated "home-based" business located in Cartersville, Georgia. Although, we have many years of collective business experience among us, we started this business in 2004 to honor the life of Amber Lynn Cash and to allow our memories of her to motivate us to even greater achievement for the future. Our commitment is to integrity, innovation, and excellence, plus compassion, which we learned from Amber. We feel that by associating our business with Amber’s memory that we will be forever bonded to her sweetness and her innocent charm in everything that we do. Although she was o­nly four years old when she passed from this earth into eternal life with Jesus Christ, Amber was and is our inspiration to live overcoming lives.

So, what is the business of ALCME, Inc.? First, it is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever! Second, our mission is to publish. We feel that it is the duty of over-comers to share their experiences with others, so we will publish websites, books, music, poetry, human interest stories, and testimonials. Third, we will engage in various services and activities for profit. Some of our specialties include: professional and technical writing, website design and hosting, musical performance, management information systems consulting, life skills and career counseling, and motivational speaking. Finally, we will donate our services, talents, and skills to select organizations o­n a not-for-profit basis. At times, we will make cash contributions to these organizations; at other times, we will donate our services at reduced rates or for "free" because we tithe both our time and our money to such organizations, and we offer discounts o­nce our tithe has been met.

We hope that this gives you a thorough understanding of who we are and what we do. There are five of us actively involved in this business: Margie Cash and Chip, Jamie, Jacob, and Joshua Cash. Amber is our inspirational partner, and Jesus Christ is our Spiritual Partner. We welcome you to our website and if you have any questions, please contact us.

With warm regards,
Margie Cash

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